Waldcafé in the Nature and Environment House

Chill out on the terrace with a choice of snacks, coffee and homemade cakes while the children enjoy themselves at the neighbouring playground.

As the name suggests, the Waldcafé in the Nature and Environment House (HNU) is surrounded by greenery. It has an indoor area as well as a beautiful terrace, which is open to you as a visitor to the HNU with a valid ticket. In addition to basics such as French fries and bockwurst, there is an ever-changing offer, which should appeal especially to children. The menu includes pasta with tomato sauce, rice, chicken nuggets or baked potatoes. In winter you will find more delicious things like hearty stews and in summer lighter dishes such as salads or fruit salads on the menu.

Since there is a playground on the terrace, the adults can sit back and enjoy their coffee. In addition, the entire HNU site is enclosed, so that no child can be “lost” here. The premises of the Waldcafé can also be rented for events such as school enrolment celebrations, sugar cone parties, company celebrations or birthdays. The culinary offer at such celebrations is geared to the wishes of the guests: coffee and cake, barbecue buffet or both, the possibilities are many.

In addition, the Waldcafé has a great outdoor kitchen, which is equipped with rustic furniture and utensils as well as a suckling pig grill. Here you as a group can still experience a real adventure and prepare your meal on an open fire. The staff of the Waldcafé provide the recipe and the ingredients – you chop, simmer and fry.


Several times a year, the Waldcafé invites you to events such as “Baking with Frau Holle” or “xxxxx”, where children and parents themselves can participate, but can also have a feast. You can find out more about current dates on the HNU website:hnu‐berlin.de/freizeit‐angebote/.


After the USE GmbH took over the Nature and Environment House in 2005, it initiated structural measures. In 2007,this included the conversion of earlier training and storage rooms into the Waldcafé.

Opening Hours

April to October:
Tue – Fri 10.00 – 17.30
Sat, Sun 10.00 – 17.30
November – March:
Tue – Fri 10.00 – 16.00
Sat, Sun 10.00 – 17.30
Also open on Mondays in the school holidays


An der Wuhlheide 169 // 12459 Berlin

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