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Dive into a world full of adventure, fantasy, music and poetry

“If I have made even one child’s soul happy, then I am satisfied.” The team of the Astrid Lindgren Stage is also committed to this credo of its patron. Like the world-renowned Swedish children’s and youth author, it enchants its young audience with a varied programme and encourages the children to be themselves and follow their imagination and curiosity without a care. The Astrid Lindgren Stage has 559 seats and, in addition to guest performances from the music, dance and puppet theatre sectors, mainly shows its own repertoire pieces from Astrid Lindgren such as “Pippi Longstocking” (“Pippi Langstrumpf”), “Mio, My Son”(“Mio, mein Mio”) or “The Little Water Sprite” (“Der kleine Wassermann”) from Otfried Preußler.

Around selected plays, the Astrid Lindgren Stage also offers a theatre-pedagogical supporting programme, which includes preparatory teaching materials for teachers, follow-up workshops with experienced theatre educators as well as stage performances and discussions with actors.


The current program of the Astrid Lindgren Stage can be found on the homepage of the stage.
Since 2009, the Astrid Lindgren Stage has also regularly organised primary school theatre days with various workshops for students from all over Berlin.


The children’s theatre has existed since the foundation in 1979. In GDR times there was a children’s ensemble, the pieces were staged in-house. Until 2007, the venue was simply called “Great Hall”. In the course of the Astrid Lindgren year 2007, the children’s theatre in the FEZ was then given the name Astrid Lindgren Stage.

Opening Hours

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Straße zum FEZ 212459 Berlin

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