The child-friendly Snack Bar with the special soft ice cream and French fries from fresh potatoes.

The Frittenfritze is a classic Berlin snack bar with an additional ice cream offer. Here, you can still get the Berlin currywurst as it should be: as a boiled sausage with a homemade sauce, which is based on the original recipe of Hertha Heuwer, the inventor of the currywurst. Although Ms. Heuwer took her recipe with her to the grave, the Frittenfritze has spared no time or effort in tracking down the original ingredients. The clientele likes it, as it does the soft ice cream, that does not foam, but comes in a compact, creamy texture.


The Frittenfritze is situated in a former Park Railway gatekeeper’s house. The Park Railway tracks used to run along the current main road. When the Pioneer Palace was built in 1979, the tracks were moved to the outside. The gatekeeper’s cottage had had its day and was initially used by the Park Railway itself. In 2000 for the first time, it was let to a snack bar operator. In order to be able to use the building as a snack bar, it was enlarged, and an extension was added at the front. In 2011, Frittenfritze Hanno Schaar took over the kiosk and has since provided a small but fine offer with his trade fair gastro and catering experience.

Opening Hours

Easter – October when the weather is nice 11.00 – 17.00


An der Wuhlheide 197 // 12459 Berlin

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