Small Indoor Swimming Pool Wuhlheide

I think I´ll swim in the woods: swimming fun, learning to swim, swimming with baby in a familiar atmosphere close to nature.

Actually, the Small Indoor Swimming Pool in Wuhlheide is not so small. After all, it houses three swimming pools: a 12.5 m long pool for swimmers, a 12.5 m long non-swimmer’s pool and a baby pool. The water temperature in all three pools is at a comfortable 32 °C. For people with disabilities, there are two changing rooms with shower/WC, a water wheelchair and a lift. Since the exterior walls of the building are made of large glass fronts, not only does a lot of light fall into the interior – visitors also have a view of the beautiful nature of the Wuhlheide.


The Small Indoor Swimming Pool was built in 1964. At that time, it had a 25 m long pool and was intended as a place where swimmers could train and compete. In 1990 it was forced to close due to the state of disrepair. Over a period of four years it was renovated at a cost DM 5 million and technically updated. Since 1996, the Small Indoor Swimming Pool Wuhlheide has been part of the Berlin Pool Company (Berliner Bäder-Betrieben).

Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri 09.00-16.00
Tue and weekends closed


An der Wuhlheide 161 // 12459 Berlin

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