Pure relaxation in nature

The most beautiful thing about the Wuhlheide is the nature, which is characterised by different types of landscapes. Large near-natural forest areas alternate with meadows and open spaces characterised by horticulture. This opens up many possibilities for visitors. You can go for a walk here at will, listen to the cries of native bird species, rest on the designated lawns or, sitting on a bench, simply let your gaze wander.

Many visitors come regularly in order to restore their balance in the nature of the Wuhlheide after a strenuous day – not only with slacklining.

If you like it a little sportier, you will also find space for all kinds of activities. Jogging, skating or cycling are twice as much fun if you can also enjoy the peace, the good air, and the rustling of the leaves.

Our picture gallery shows you what there is to do and to discover in the nature of the Wuhlheide.

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