Climbing Forest Wuhlheide

Ready, steady, go! To the trees: experience nature, thrills, fun and fitness for the entire family in the Climbing Forest Wuhlheide – only a few steps away from the FEZ!

Berlin’s first climbing park offers recreational fun for children and adults, who can experience the forest from a bird’s-eye view. 11 courses with more than 160 climbing elements cover all difficulty levels from easy to very difficult. Over wobbling bridges, lightning-fast cable cars, on bicycles or skateboards it goes from tree to tree. A continuous safety system guarantees climbing fun up to the top of the highest trees. Whether for a family outing, hiking day or workout at the end of the day and on weekends – everyone gets their money’s worth in the Climbing Forest.

For children between 3 and 7 years old and with a height of less than 1.30 m, there are two mini courses available where adults are not allowed. Older or larger children and adults can try out the remaining 7 courses. Experience is not necessary. The Climbing Forest Team provides introductory half-hour courses and shows you how to do it. Afterwards, visitors can climb for two hours. Incidentally, minors must be accompanied by an adult. If they don’t want to climb, but just want to watch, no entrance fee will be charged.

Team trainings for school classes are a particularly special offer of the Climbing Forest. In a casual atmosphere, in the midst of nature, the children can get to know and develop teamwork skills when they master tasks together. A total of four differently structured team training modules are available. The module “Geocaching” does not require climbing.

The Climbing Forest is also ideal for children’s birthdays. Instead of pot hitting or blind man’s bluff, this is a birthday party with fun and action. Registration for the children’s birthdays “Basic” and “Premium” can be made via the website. There you will also find much more information about prices, requirements for climbing, reservations for groups and school classes, etc.


The Wuhlheide Climbing Forest was the first of its type in Berlin. It was established as a private company by Henrike Janczik in 2008 and initially started with 4 courses. Since then it has been continuously developed.

Opening Hours

April to October:
daily during school vacations,
Closing times see website


An der Wuhlheide 199 // 12459 Berlin

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