Adidas Fitness Park and Skating Track Wuhlheide

Skaters who are looking for a smooth surface in idyllic surroundings will get their money’s worth in the Wuhlheide. The approximately 850 m long and 3.30 m wide circuit is located in an extensive meadow landscape and is connected by a direct route of about 1 km leading to Karlshorst. Here skaters find direct access via the tram stop Hegemeisterweg. Both tracks have an excellent asphalt quality and are therefore well suited for beginners. The route is also used by cyclists, for whom the track width makes overtaking manoeuvres possible at any time.

The nearby Adidas Fitness Park offers a different kind of outdoor exercise. The Calisthenics and Street Workout system is designed for your own weight training and has everything you would expect from such a system: several different heights of chin-up bars, a wall bar, a parallel bar and low bars for push-ups.


The skating track is located in the former exclusion area, which the Soviet occupying power established here after the Second World War. Following German reunification and the withdrawal of the Soviet army, the barracks were demolished. At the end of the 1990s, the District began the gradual reconstruction of these areas. In the process, the meadows, which had in the meantime become completely overgrown, were exposed again. In 2005/06, the Roads and Green Spaces Office (Straßen- und Grünflächenamt) (SGA) set up a skating rink on the oval that once surrounded the Great Forest Meadow. It is still managed by the SGA.

The Adidas Fitness Park, located not far from the skating track, was built in May 2018 at the instigation of the SGA, which also manages the facility.

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