Visitor Information

Here you will find all the information you need to plan your visit to the Wuhlheide – from information on opening hours and admission prices to wheelchair accessibility information and guidance. Since the park is just as big as the offer, we recommend to uninformed visitors to consult our overview plan as well as the directions information. Since the park is as large as the offer, we recommend visitors who are unfamiliar with the area to consult our overview map and the directions.

Overview map of the Park

Our mini folding plan is so small that it fits in any bag, but large in effect. Because it will guide you safely through the entire Wuhlheide. It also shows you where you can experience something or – also important – eat and drink.


The Wuhlheide is located for the most part in the District of Treptow-Köpenick with a smaller part located on the territory of the District of Lichtenberg. The park stretches from Treskowallee in the north-west along the road An the Wuhlheide to the Straße zur FEZ in the south-east. Despite its peripheral location, the park is easily accessible, as it is bordered in the west, south and east by well-developed roads.

There are several ways to get there by public transport:

S-Bahn Berlin

The S-Bahn line S3 stops at the S-Bahn station “Wuhlheide”, which is located in the northeast of the area. Within a few steps you are already in the park. To the north, you can reach the park via Karlshorst S-Bahn station.

Bus, Tram

The tram lines 27, 60 and 67 run along the road “An der Wuhlheide”, which take you to the main entrance of the Wuhlheide and to the “Nixenstraße” on the “Straße zur FEZ”. Tram lines 21, 27, 37 and M17 run on Treskowallee. At Karlshorst S-Bahn station you can take the bus (296, 396) in addition to various tram lines (M17, 27, 37). There is also a Park & Ride at Stolzenfelsstraße 1-8.

DB Regionalverkehr

Ostkreuz station, which can be reached by the S-Bahn line S3, provides access to the regional train lines RB12, RB24, RB25.

Opening Hours

All Year
Mon – Sun: Open all day

Facilities/ Offers in the park
The opening hours of the facilities in the park vary. We kindly ask you to check these on the websites of the individual providers.

April – October
Wednesdays open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The Wuhlheide can for the most part be reached barrier-free. In the park itself, asphalted paths alternate with forest paths. The main paths are wheelchair accessible. There are also three wheelchair accessible toilet facilities. They are located in the FEZ-Berlin, in the Model Park Berlin-Brandenburg as well as in the of Nature and Environment House.

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