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The FEZ is Europe’s largest non-profit children’s, youth and family centre. Covering more than 175,000 square meters of outdoor space and 13,000 square meters of indoor space, it presents a wide range of cultural offerings and open spaces that promise adventure, experience-oriented learning and fun. With its unique facilities and countless activities, it attracts around 800,000 visitors a year.

Even those who think they know the FEZ can discover it again and again. Under its roof, it combines the Astrid Lindgren Stage, the fascinating Orbital Space Centre, the multi-award-winning Alice Museum for Children, the Berlin Music Academy with recording studio and three concert halls, the fezino cinema and a swimming pool with a 50 m pool. In the outdoor area there are several playgrounds, the Eco Island with eco-garden and mini-rainforest as well as a bathing lake with sandy beach. With family events over 50 weekends, Berlin’s best holiday programme and educational opportunities for school classes, in which topics such as sustainability, technical understanding or domestic violence are addressed, the FEZ invites you to meet and exchange, play, experience and discover all year round.

With seven offers for children’s birthdays, the FEZ also ensures that these days are special for the birthday child and its guests. Companies, organisations and associations can use the excellent infrastructure of FEZ Berlin for congresses, receptions and other events.

Obviously, the many activities in the FEZ can make you hungry and thirsty. In the Rooftop Restaurant, the “canteen” of the FEZ, visitors can expect a daily changing lunch menu. The ground floor café Alfon’s Gastronomy and the Bistro on the 2nd floor serve delicious snacks, coffee and cake.


The FEZ programme can be found on the homepage Homepage of the Children’s, Youth and Family Centre.


The roots of the FEZ go back to the GDR period. The swimming pool in FEZ Berlin was opened on 3 October 1979. It has been part of the concept of the house since its inception. It was constructed in three years on the site of the former forester´s house and for the next 10 years formed the focal point of the Pioneer Park that had existed in the Wuhlheide since 1950. Even then, it was above all a place for recreational activities, but also for political education.

After reunification, the Pioneer Palace was transferred to the hands of the Ministry of Youth and Education of the Federal Republic of Germany. After a temporary period of closure, which served for reorientation, the house was reopened in 1991 as FEZ Berlin. Since 1995, the Management has been in the hands of KJfz-L-gBmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the state of Berlin, consisting of FEZ Berlin and Berlin Music Academy.

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Straße zum FEZ 2 // 12459 Berlin

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