Wilderness class trip in the Wuhlheide

community in nature

On a school trip in the Wuhlheide you can experience adventure, promote community and discover nature with lots of fun and games.

Connecting with nature strengthens self-confidence and stimulates the bond to natural cycles. Our goal is to create an extraordinary school trip with many inspiring experiences.

Together we spend most of the time outside in the beautiful nature and explore the surroundings. The students discover their hidden talents completely without using a mobile phone and technology. We search for clues, carve useful objects and learn to move silently in the forest. One expedition or another increases the students` adrenaline and adventure in the game and trains their perception at the same time! On a night hike we get to know the forest in the dark and afterwards we warm ourselves up by telling long forgotten stories!

The class trip can be prepared for one, two or three days depending on the age and size of the group. Overnight stays are in the Environment and Meeting Centre Fuchsbau – Forum Naturfreundejugend Berlin e.V.

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