Excursion Offers in the Wuhlheide

Thanks to the many different offers in the Wuhlheide, you can easily spend a whole day here without getting bored for even a minute. To whet your appetite, we have put together a few combi-offers for days of adventure in the Wuhlheide.

Tip of the day for families
Rummaging around in the heathland or what? Long planned and handed over to the population about 100 years ago, with a sports field, a large forest meadow, a toboggan run, a hedge garden, a sand playground, a paddling pool and a flower meadow, a swimming pool and an adjacent meadow, which was ...
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Wilderness class trip in the Wuhlheide
On a school trip in the Wuhlheide you can experience adventure, promote community and discover nature with lots of fun and games. Connecting with nature strengthens self-confidence and stimulates the bond to natural cycles. Our goal is to create an extraordinary ...
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A special tip for your stay from the Fuchsbau Team.
You are certainly very excited to find out what we have for you to discover and experience. In any case, there will be no boredom and you will be fascinated and definitely want to come back again. We have been looking after the "Fuchsbau" with body and soul for many years and are more than happy to share our insider tips with our small and large guests to make for an unforgettable stay.
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A Strong Team through climbing
Social skills such as empathy, willingness to learn, communication, reliability, tolerance and critical faculties are prerequisites for successful cooperation. Shared experiences strengthen the team. With us the participants are challenged to communicate the problems, to solve them and to reach a common goal together. With this in mind, we offer opportunities to experience and develop one's own ability to work in a team in the informal atmosphere of nature with lots of fun and action.
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