Alfons Gastronomy

Here, visitors to the FEZ Berlin and the swimming pool in the FEZ can refresh themselves with snacks and drinks.

Alfons Gastronomy is located in the FEZ Berlin and has an interior restaurant as well as a terrace in front of the FEZ. From the interior you can also reach the FEZ swimming pool, where there are also some tables and chairs.
Alfons Gastronomy offers snacks such as French fries, sausages and burgers, pastries and coffee and other drinks.

Historisches History

Alfons Gastronomy as well as the Rooftop Restaurant has been run by Stern und Kreis Gastronomie und Service GmbH since 2018. For a long time, however, the two restaurants were managed independently of each other and by different operators. The café was temporarily leased as a sports café, most recently it was called Café Alfons.

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